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Main Street Mercantile Coffee Georgetown CA

Who Are Wildwood Chocolate?

Wildwood Chocolate sources the finest ingredients and always take the time to craft by hand.
Their unique flavor combinations, luscious textures, and graceful balance are inspired by nature, creating an exceptional chocolate experience for your enjoyment. With every bite, they aim to bring you the same sense of joy and discovery that we experience wandering the scenic Wildwood Trail their home town of Portland, Oregon.

Steven Lawrence, Co-Founder and Chocolatier, brings an immense creativity in recipe development and over 28 years managing chocolate production.  After 15 years in the industry, Steve started his own craft chocolate business called The Chocolate Maker’s Studio.  His passion for perfection can be tasted in every bite of Wildwood Chocolate.

R is Co-Founder responsible for all aspects of Business Operations.  Rebecca has a discerning palate for specialty chocolate and more than 18 years operating growth businesses.  Her ambition has ignited our company’s growth and brought Wildwood Chocolate to retail partners from coast to coast.

What Percentage Chocolate Are Wildwood Chocolate Products?
70% Dark.

Where Is The Chocolate Sourced?
The Chocolate is grown in Venezuela, but may change the country of origin if needed to meet demand.

 Is Wildwood Chocolate Organic?
“While we use some organic ingredients and have aspirations to be 100% organic, we are not yet.  We do not believe our products contain GMOs based on representations from our suppliers, but cannot guarantee that they do not.”

This last point is very similar to the production of coffee. While a LOT of Specialty Coffee is in fact organically grown, not all are certified as such. Why? Small farmers using traditional farming techniques do not always have the resources to pay the costs of paperwork, fees, inspections, etc.