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DECAF Organic Espresso Coffee 1/2 lb



Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Organic Decaf Coffee, great for espresso.

Yup we can do that. Organic Decaf Espresso. It sounds like an oxymoron, but hang on. Espresso, while known for it’s kick, is also a process, OR also, a degree of roast. You can put almost any kind of coffee into an espresso machine and under nine bars of pressure produce a thick crema loaded drink. That includes a decaf espresso which coats your tongue and satisfies. If what you want is good coffee without the caffeine, this is it.

Espresso is a degree of roast too,  it just means darker than other coffee where the sugars are caramelized further for a roasty taste. If you like coffee with a hint of roasty flavor, good body, smooth, and round. This is it. It’s coffee, just decaffeinated. And, by the way, our decaf is organic too.

Fresh Roasted DECAF coffee that actually tastes great.

Our organic decaf blend is a terrific all purpose coffee that works very well in an espresso machine, that’s what it was blended for.  It also makes a terrific drip, pour over, or french press brew. Our decaf blend uses Swiss Water process decaffeinated coffee for the gentlest impact on the world.

How does Swiss water decaf work?

Swiss Water Process coffee undergoes decaffeination without chemicals, using pure water to extract caffeine. This method retains coffee’s natural flavors and reduces health risks associated with chemical solvents. You enjoy the rich taste and aroma of coffee without the caffeine jitters. This process preserves antioxidants and nutrients present in coffee beans. Swiss Water Process coffee is perfect for those seeking a healthier alternative.

Say goodbye to insomnia and nervousness, and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable coffee experience. Treat yourself to the goodness of our Swiss Water Process Decaf Espresso Blend today! Still craving info? Read More Here and Here.

Organic Decaf Espresso. Yes You Can.

chemical free decaf espresso

Want A Custom Roast? We can do that. Send a message about what you’d like.

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Weight.6 lbs


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Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Organic DECAF Coffee. Yup we can do that.
Fresh Roasted DECAF coffee that actually tastes great.

Our decaf blend is a terrific all purpose coffee, that works well for espresso too if you have an espresso maker. Sold in half pound bags for freshness. It’s organically grown and uses water process decaffeination for the gentlest impact on the world.

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