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Main Street Mercantile Coffee Georgetown CA

Coffee 1/2 pound – Create Your Own Blend


Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee. Your Own Blend

Create your own blend! Sold in half pound bags for freshness. Go for the five pound option for savings.

Want A Custom Blend? Here’s How:

Select a total that equals 100%. Simple as that. Select from these components…

  • Brazil 20% – Coffee-coffee, sweet, round. Good base coffee for a blend. Familiar coffee taste.
  • Monsooned Malabar 20% – Big body, low acidity, good base for a blend, not sweet, more malty.
  • Ethiopian 20% – Fruity, complex, medium body. Bright.
  • Bali 20% – Good body, notes of dried strawberry, cherry, chai spice, chocolate
  • Decaf 20% – Good body, no caffeine.

Hint: You can select multiple components from the same list. The total just needs to add up to 100%

Coffee is available for mail order or in-store pick up.

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