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Create My Own Coffee Blend – 1/2 lb



Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee. My Own Coffee Blend

Create your own blend! Sold in half pound bags for freshness. Go for the five pound option for savings.

Want A Custom Blend? Here’s How:

Select a total that equals 100%. Simple as that. Select from these components…

  • Brazil 20% – Coffee-coffee, sweet, round. Good base coffee for a blend. Familiar coffee taste.
  • Monsooned Malabar 20% – Big body, low acidity, good base for a blend, not sweet, more malty.
  • Ethiopian 20% – Fruity, complex, medium body. Bright.
  • Sumatra 20% – Good body, more earthy than Brazil, dark chocolate notes
  • Decaf 20% – Good body, no caffeine.

Think of it like music: top bright, middle substance, Bottom solidity. Once you get going we’ll play with how dark/light we go with each, to fine tune your groove.

Hint: You can select multiple components from the same list. The total just needs to add up to 100%

My Own Coffee Blend is available for mail order, or in-store pick up.

Blending coffee is an intricate art form, akin to conducting an orchestra. It all begins with highest quality fresh roasted beans. Crafting your custom roasted blend just requires experimentation. It’s best to start small, with half-pound options, to fine-tune your preferences, then go big.

As you embark, consider the diverse components available. Brazil could contributes a sweet, round foundation. Or,  Monsooned Malabar which is a big robust bodied coffee with low acidity; more body but less presence. Onto the base add Ethiopian beans to infuse the blend with fruity complexity and vibrant brightness. Bali or Sumatra could instead introduce nuanced notes of dried strawberry, cherry, chocolate, and a bit of forest funk.

If you’d like, Decaf ensures  satisfying body and flavor, without the jolt of caffeine.

And then for next time…

In subsequent tries you can play with degree of roast. A faster or lighter roast will give you a bit more snap or brightness in the cup preserving the varietal nature of the bean; in contrast a slower or darker roast will offer a bit more body or roasty-ness at the cost of those things. Let’s discuss.

Mix and match these elements to create your symphony, ensuring that the total equals 100%. With each cup at home, savor the blend of flavors and see where you’d like to take it from there.


Here is a good article about how the professional choose what to blend

My Own Coffee Blend, Like You Own The Place

My Own Coffee Blend, Like You Own The Place

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Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee. Your Own Blend

Create your own blend! Sold in half pound bags for freshness. Go for the five pound option for savings. Select a total of five components that equals 100%. Simple as that


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