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How To Make Great Coffee

It’s all about Saturation

Coffee Is A Relationship
Coffee Is A Relationship

Great coffee is like a relationship. The longer water is in contact with coffee, the more is extracted. It’s the good tasting stuff that comes out first, followed by the bitter stuff. But, it doesn’t have to go that far.

Finer grounds equal more surface area to extract from, so greater/faster saturation is in finer grounds. …The hotter the water, the more extraction. That’s why very coarse cold brew coffee takes overnight. If your coffee is too weak for your taste, go finer, or try just off boil to get more out of it. Those are the basics. But let’s break it down:

Things will be less bitter if you don’t pull everything out of the coffee it has. That means if you can’t stand the bitterness, lower the temperature! or coarsen up and spend less time together… (don’t over-saturate.) Since the contact time of water to coffee can be controlled, if things are getting bitter, you can control this by either less contact time of very hot water to coffee, lowering the temperature, or by increasing the coarseness of the grind. Example: water flows through bowling balls faster than sand. Voila!

Espresso, which is ground super fine is only in contact with hot water for about 25 seconds, See? Cold brew, very coarse, over night.

The opposite of this is insipidness. Your coffee doesn’t want that either. You want a nice relationship with your coffee; you want great body in the morning… a nice mouthfeel, …and rich is good too… Right?? If your coffee is weak/insipid then go hotter, OR go for a finer grind 🙂 OR, use more coffee, …OR, use less water. See?

If THIS is what you want to wake up with, then you NEED to listen to your coffee and adjust. Your coffee WANTS to be awesome for you. Listen to it. If it’s saying to you, “Let’s go somewhere…” GO there. Your coffee loves you. It’s telling you to…

1) Adjust your grind, 
2) Go hotter or cooler accordingly. 
3) Spend quality time together… but not to little, or too much

Do these things.
And surprise your coffee with some roses sometimes too, just because.