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Main Street Mercantile Coffee Georgetown CA

A Coffee Storage Tip:

…Avoid Condensation

Avoid Condensation with coffee
Avoid Condensation with coffee

Our coffee is lovingly packed in 1/2 lb bags. This smaller bag size is about fostering freshness. If you do purchase a couple of bags at once, here’s a practical coffee storage tip: place the package you won’t be using in your freezer. Only take it out when you’re ready to enjoy it. Don’t rush to open a cold package!! Let it come back completely to room temperature first.

Why not open right away? Well, just like a cold soda attracts moisture, cool coffee beans behave the same way, condensation on coffee is not the best for maintaining exceptional taste.

…You can open and reseal room-temperature bags as many times as you like, so this means not storing them in the fridge or freezer in daily use.

A half pound goes quickly as morning coffee, and room temperature is just fine. Your coffee, and taste-buds, will appreciate it!

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