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What’s At The Store? And What’s In Town?

We keep a small amount of fresh-roasted whole-bean coffee at the store for walk ins. If you find you’re low on coffee, come on in !! Or, if you’ve ordered ahead online, your beans will be ready to pick up according to our roasting schedule.

The store has a lot of other wonderful things too: other hand made items, antiques, knick-knacks, collectables, candles, jerky, etc etc.

Across the street is ‘The Hotel’ built in the days of buggies and gold miners tumbling out onto the street, a great place for food and drinks. Additionally, while you’re over there, do ask about that intriguing bell suspended in the ceiling over the bar.

A bit further down Hwy 49 is ‘The Distillery,’ a fantastic spot for both tasty food …and refreshing drinks.

…There seems to be a theme emerging here :)
Welcome to Georgetown.

Furthermore, Georgetown proudly claims Jeepers’, and Jeepers’ Jamboree, bringing worldwide visitors to our renowned ‘Gateway To The Rubicon’. We may be a bit off the beaten path, but the drive to our little town is scenic from any starting point. …Oh! by the way! Coloma, CA, the site of the 1848 gold discovery, is in very close proximity—another perfect destination for an enjoyable day trip, and in the summer river rafting.

Gosh, there’s also ‘Stumpy Meadows’ lake just 35 minutes Up-Country from the store for even more beautiful, winding Sierra Nevada Foothills roads. …You should come visit.

If you love our coffee and you want to save a few bucks, place a recurring order. Just choose the frequency and use "recurring15" at checkout for 15% off. Have it shipped, or pickup at the store.

Our Coffee

Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee

Breakfast Blend

This is a terrific all purpose coffee, our own blend. Smooth, Straightforward. No Nonsense. Coffee Coffee.


Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee


Look for good body, peat and malt notes, a fudgy mouthfeel, with notes of citrus and thyme. Sumatra has kind of a bassy-funky nature, if it were an instrument it would be bassoon.


Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee

Costa Rica La Minita

“The Little Goldmine” High elevation coffee and Rain Forest Alliance Certified. Notes of orange blossom and current in a very balanced smooth cup. Look for fine balance and a bit of chocolate.


Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee


These North African beans are a bright, complex coffee. There’s a lot going on, and you’ll notice the difference in flavor as it cools. too Look for notes berries and fruit in the cup. If this coffee were music, it would be opera, big and complex, with high notes and low notes all together. Wonderful.


Custom Roasting…

Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee


This is one of the very first blends ever, a classic! Bright complex Ethiopian beans matched perfectly with earthy Indonesian beans. Think treble + bass.


Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee

Bali, Indonesia

Heavy bodied, Notes of peat and bakers chocolate, fruit.  Note that a ‘Natural’ process in coffee lingo (vs washed) means drying whole ripe cherry on the bean, then removing the fruit once dried. The effect is a wilder and fruit forward cup.


Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee

Espresso Blend

Espresso is an art form. This is not necessarily a dark roast, what it IS is designed to give you a beautiful shot of espresso with lots of crema. If you know real espresso, you’ll love this blend.


Main Street Mercantile Whole Bean Coffee

Decaf Blend

Our decaf blend is a terrific all purpose coffee blend that works well for espresso. If you have a real espresso machine. and love coffee, this is for you. It’s organically grown and uses water process to decaffeinate.


What else is good at the store?

We LOVE California. Therefore we try to keep all our products as local as possible. Below are some more foody things we think you’ll love.

Baking Kits

A tasty treat for any time of the day: pretzel, double fudge brownie, blueberry scone, pizza kits, pumpkin spice tea cake kits, and more. ALL with California olive oil.


The BEST Chocolate

A tasty treat. These are extraordinary, artisan made chocolate bars, just right as gifts.


Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegar

California infused olive oils. A tasty addition to almost anything


Venison Salami, Elk, Wild Boar, and More

California Gourmet Salami: Venison, Wild Boar, Elk, French Rosette, Nostrano and many more. Wonderful.


Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer

and Mocktail Supplies!

Same mixology as cocktails but no booze. Healthy, Inclusive, Fun.

Main Street Mercantile Coffee

At Main Street Mercantile Coffee you get premium
quality fresh-roasted coffee you’ll love, to your door,
or pick up in-store.